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Range Rover P38 4.0 and 4.6 Main Bearings (King Brand) + 0.020"
Full Set of KING Brand Main Bearings in + 0.020" Size. Suitable for 4.0 and 4.6 Engines 1995 - 2002 And Discovery 2 1999 - 2004 GEMS or Thor EMS
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Genuine Rover V8 3.5,3.9,4.2 + 0.020" Rod Bearing Set ( Special Offer)
Genuine Rover ( Quality) + 0.020" Rod Bearing Set to suit : Small Journal Engines ie 2.00" Pin Size Land Rover Defender, Discovery and RRClassic Rover PbB, P6, SD1 Morgan +8 3.5,3.9 TVR 3.5,3.9, 4.2
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Genuine Rover V8 Small Journal 3.9 & 4.2 +0.010 Main Bearings (Special Offer)
Genuine Factory Rover V8 Main Bearings + 0.010" Size for Small Journal 2.3" Mains Engines. (Best Quality) To suit 3.9, 4.2 and 5.0 Litre Engines that are fitted with a thrust bearing on the upper number 3 main cap. Can also be fitted to 3.5 engine with additional thrust on number 3 cap lower ......
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KC Performance H200 Short Nose Cam GEMS an THOR Engines
KC H200 Hydrualic Cam for 4x4 4.0/4.6 GEMS and Motronic Engines Manufactured from Chilled Iron and custom ground using CNC machinery for 100% accuracy. High Lift Hydraulic Camshaft. Sports Torque performance cam for 4.0 and 4.6 Litre GEMS or Motronic Engines Application - Sports Torque 4 x......
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Rover TVR Morgan Land Rover Range Rover OEM Push Rod Set
Set of 16 OEM Quality ( Same as genuine) Pushrod Set. Suitable for all Rover V8 engines 1970 - 2004 Rover P5B/P6 MGB V8, Triumph TR8 Range Rover Classic 1970 - 1992 3.5,3.9,4.2 Land Rover Defender (all) Morgan + 8 3.5,3.9, 4.6 TVR 350,390, Chim, Griffith 4.0,4.5,5.0
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Performance Uprated Single Valve Springs (One Less Coil)
Up-rated by 15% over standard Rover Sd1 Valve Springs with one less coil for better valve guide to retainer clearance. Made from better quality col wire and heat treated. For use with Kent and similar High Performance Camshafts. Eg, H180,200,214,218 Crower 230, 232 RS Viper, Typhoon......
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TVR 4.3,4.5,5.0 Performance Cam Kit
TVR Cam Kit Includes : All parts for cam installation: Comp Valley Gasket End Seals Rubber Rocker Cover Gaskets Timing Cover Gasket ( Serp or Pre Serp) Water Pump Gasket Made In USA Hydrualic Lifter Set. Kent Full Vernier (adjustable) Duplex Timing Set Chilled Iron Camshaft (Bes......
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Kent Performance H180 Hydrualic Cam for 4x4 4.0/4.6 GEMS and Motronic Engines + 20-22 BHP
Manufactured from Chilled Iron and custom ground using CNC machinery for 100% accuracy. High Lift Hydraulic Camshaft. Sports Torque performance cam for 4.0 and 4.6 Litre GEMS or Motronic Engines Application - Sports Torque 4 x 4 Power 1000 - 4500rpm Cam Lift 7.01In/Ex. Valve Lift (mm......
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Rover, TVR Morgan Remanufactured Oil Pump Base Housing
Remanufactured Oil Pump Base unit for Rover V8 engines 1976 - 1992 Remanufactured Oil Pump Cover Housing. Fully Inspected for defects, machined, cleaned and valve bore honed to ensure free movment of valve. Supplied with new valve and spring ( uprated spring to boost oil pressure avail......
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Steel Rocker Shafts Made in UK Versions (OEM Quality) New Product)
Pair of Rover V8 Rocker Shafts suitable for engines 1970 - 2002 Check the underside of your rocker shafts when carrying out your rebuild as excessive play will lead to engine noise and reduced oil pressure. These are aftermarket Rocker Shafts and therefore do not have the orientation identifie......
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Range Rover P38 GEMS or Thor High Torque Cam Kit ( Special Offer)
Range Rover P38 GEMS Cam Kit. All parts Made in USA,UK or European Union Kit Contents Include : 1 x High Torque Camshaft for 4.0 or 4.6 Engine 16 x Made In Detroit USA Lifter Set Set USA Timing Chain, Cam Sprocket, Crank Gear 1 x Cam End Bolt 1 x Cam Lube 1 x Timing Cover Gasket 1 x......
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ARP Connecting rod/bolt Kit 3.5,3.9,4.2 engines
ARP Uprated Rod Bolts and Nut Kit for Rover V8 engines : 3.5 - 1970 > 3.9 - 1989 > 4.2 - 1989 > Stronger than the factory bolts and supplied with lube and torque.pre stretch instructions. Good replacement for the inferior STD bolts and nuts which are no longer available from Rover.
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Competition Outrigger Support Set
High Quality Alloy Outrigger Supports Use these to prevent rocker shafts breaking. The rocker arms on the extreme back and front of your Rover V8 engine are inadequately supported for sustained high rpm use. Installing these supports will minimise deflection of the rocker arm and prevent ......
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4.8 Litre Flanged Linered Conversion + Forged Pistons & Ring Set*
Perfect upgrade or to repair and give some new life and performance to your tired or worn 4.6 litre engine. Offer is for an exchange block bored to accept flanged liners and bored to accept 96mm Forged Pistons. We machine and finish your block to accept new high quality flanged liners. Block......
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Rover V8 Super Lightweight Steel Flywheel ( 6.85kg approx.)
Rover V8 Steel Billet Lightweight Flywheel. Dual Drilled for 9.5 and 10.5" UK clutch covers. American Made Clutches Chevrolet Clutches are similar but not the same to UK spec clutches and some machining may be required to fit. So does a light flywheel make any difference ? In first gear ......
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Replacement Oil Pump Gears for Rover V8, TVR Serp 1994 >
Replacement Oil Pump Gear Set for serpentines belted timing covers. OEM ( UK Made) To Suit TVR Chimera + Griff 1995 > Land Rover Discovery 1994 > Range Rover 4.0/4.6 1994 - 2002
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KC Performance High Torque Cam Kit + 22 BHP Over Standard ( 3.5,3.9,4.2 Carb/Efi or GEMS, Motronic 4.0/4.6
Manufactured from Chilled Iron and custom ground using CNC machinery for 100% accuracy. The Heart of engine performance and one of the easiest and most cost effective means to improve the BHP and Torque of your engine. If the head surfaces have not been previously machined this cam should fi......
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Rover/TVR/Morgan Performance Vernier Dual Roller Chain Timing Set.
Vernier Timing Set to allow 100% accurate cam timing. Kit includes Adjustable Vernier Camshaft Sprocket Crankshaft Sprocket Duplex Reynolds Pre - stretched Roller Chain Set Allen Key included. These chains have been used on flat plane v8s running to 8200rpm and have found to be th emost dur......
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Rover V8 Timing Cover Assembly Conversion - MGB V8, Rover SD1 Engines, Replacement. (see note)
Rover V8 Timing Cover Assembly Conversion - MGB V8, Rover SD1(see notes) Cobra Replicas Engines, Replacement. These new covers are a replacement for those hard to find or badly worn early Rover V8 Timing Covers and for some applications, SD1 timing covers. They are supplied complete with n......
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Kent Performance High Torque P38 Range Rover & Discovery 2 Camshaft to suit 4.0/4.6 GEMS/MEMS Engines. UK Made
Camshaft suitable for the 4.0/4.6 litre engines and derivatives using the serpentine timing cover assembly with GEMS or MEMS Engine Management High Torque Camshaft suitable for 4WD vehicles. Approx 16 - 18 BHP increase in power and similar increase in torque with these cams. Manufactured from......
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****Rover V8 Edelbrock Carb Kit***
Versatile Carb Kit suitable for Rover V8 engines. Rover P6 Rover SD1 TVR 350 Morgan + 8 ( carb) for Efi see note. Land Rover Defender, 110 Carb, (for efi see note) Range Rover Classic 3.5, 3.9, 4.2, 4.6 ( non Serp) MGB V8 ** Triumph TR8 ** MGB V8 requires Offy Intake/ Low Rider Air Cle......
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