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****Rover V8 Edelbrock Carb Kit - Now with New AVS 2 Carb ***
Not in stock

Versatile Carb Kit suitable for Rover V8 engines.

Rover P6
Rover SD1
TVR 350
Morgan + 8 ( carb) for Efi see note.
Land Rover Defender, 110 Carb, (for efi see note)
Range Rover Classic 3.5, 3.9, 4.2, 4.6 ( non Serp)
MGB V8 **
Triumph TR8

** MGB V8 requires Offy Intake/ L......
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Holley 390cfm/ Offenhauser Carb Kit
Not in stock

Holley 390cfm Man Choke carb jetted for 3.5 litre Engine. (man Choke only)
Offenhauser Dual Plane Intake Manifold.
Edelbrock 14 x 3 Chrome Air Cleaner Assembly.

Dual port JWR manifold also available at extra cost.
Please enquire.
Please note - this is the basic kit and will re......
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New Product - Performance Rover V8 Edelbrock 500cfm AVS2 carb. man.choke
Not in stock


Edelbrock being a modern company have noted what customers wanted - They have therefore introduced the new AV 2 carb which will replace the older more basic 500cfm 1404

The 500cfm AVS 2 Carburettor to suit Rover V8 engines. Works particularly well on both stanada......
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Edelbrock Calibration Kit
Not in stock

To allow the correct calibration of your carburettor.
Kit includes - jets, springs and metering rods - the only way to get performance and economy !

To suit 500 cfm carbs only
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Edelbrock/Holley/Carter Moroso Black Carb studs
Not in stock

Studs, Washers and Nuts Set (4 off ) for Holley, Edelbrock or Carter carbs.
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Edelbrock Brass 90 deg. Fuel Banjo
Not in stock

Straight fuel unions may cause clearance problems with certain deep dish air cleaners.
Brass 90 Degree Fuel Banjo solves the problem
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Holley 390cfm vac.sec manual. choke
Not in stock

Comes ready calibrated for 3.5 Rover V8 Engines Requires Edelbrock/Offenhauser Inlet Manifold.

Image show is for illustration purposes only as units supplied are not gold irridiate finish but the ball milled shiny versions.

Not including fuel filter - Please see seprate listing......
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Holley 465cfm vac.sec elec. choke
Not in stock

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Moroso 5 degree Carb/manifold Plate
Not in stock

The 5 degree wedge plate is used where the engine has been mounted with the rocker covers in a horizontal plane.
Consequently due to the design of the aftermarket Edelbrock/Offy manifolds the carb, when mounted,slopes downward at the front. This does nothing for accurate float heig......
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Universal Throtle cable kit
Currently unavailable

Designed to allow fitting of Holley Carburettors to most V8 Models. Can be modified with ease to allow fitting to Edelbrock 500,600 & 750 cfm Carbs

Ball or Barrel end fitting please specify.

Tip : Check your throttle pedal as some cars use a Ball type fitting and oth......
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Edelbrock/Holly Universal Choke cable Kit
Not in stock

Solid core Choke cable 6ft long universal fitting.
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Edelbrock Wedge Plate Studs (long)
Not in stock

For use when using a 5 degree wedge plate.
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Edelbrock/Holley Carb Insulator (1/4" Thickness)
Not in stock

Aluminium Spacer 1/4" ~ 6mm thickness supplied with gaskets. Should not require longer carb studs

Helps to prevent vapour locks in the fuel lines and also small gains in power output as a result of reduced fuel vibration.
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Holley RED Electric Fuel Pump
Not in stock

These pumps have a 97 gph flow rate, draw only 2 amps, and have a maximum pressure of 7 psi with an externally accessible pressure relief valve. They weigh only 2.88 lbs., and include a mounting bracket.

Must be used with a regulator if using Holley/Edelbrock Carbs
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Holley Fuel pressure Regulator
Not in stock

If the fuel pump is putting out more than 8 psi, a regulator should be used to keep the fuel pressure within safe limits and avoid the possibility of flooding.
Uses 3/8" NPT straight fuel banjos
Available in 1-4psi or 4.5-9 psi models
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Edelbrock 600cfm carb. man.choke
Not in stock

To suit larger capacity Rover V8 Engines as well as SBF/SBC Mopar etc etc

600cfm Square Bore Carb
Includes timed and vacuum ports
Single Inlet Fuel Supply
Metering Jets Primary .100" Secondary .095"
Metering Rods.070 x .047"
Orange 4hg

Rebuild kit available
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3/8 NPT Brass Fuel Fittings
To Suit Holley Fuel Pressure Regulators
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Carb Vacuum Cap Set
Not in stock

Edelbrock Vacuum Cap set in various sizes
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Edelbrock 500 & 600 cfm Gasket Set
Not in stock

Gasket Set to suit 500 & 600 cfm Carbs
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Holley 390 Rebuild kit
Not in stock

Contains all required parts for a complete rebuild
Pump Diaphragm
Needle & seat
Power Valve
Float Gauge & Instruction Sheet

Holley 390 cfm carbs can be identified by the numbers "8007" stamped on the intake horn.
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1" Phenolic Carb Spacer Holley/Carter/Edelbrock
Not in stock

Designed from thermal plastic to help keep carb cool. 4 hole design with long studs/nuts
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Edelbrock 500/600 Off-Road Needle Set
Not in stock

Off Road Needle set designed to prevent stalling on steep hills/inclines.
Viton Seat material
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1" Thick Phenolic Thermal Cab Insulator - open bore
Not in stock

Thermo plastic Phenolic 1" thick carb spacer Improves performance by allowing a denser fuel mixture
Complete with mounting studs.
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Pro-Flow Fuel Pressure Regulator
Not in stock

Fuel Pressure Regulator to suit SU, Stromberg Holley or Edelbrock/Weber Carbs.

Ajustment is variable by rotaing the graduated know for adjustment in the range 1 - 5psi.
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EFi to Carb Conversion - Fuel Pressure Regulator
Not in stock

Due to the complexity and costly replacement of the Lucas Efi components many of our customers consider a change to the more traditional carb set-up.

The problem however is that the standard Efi fuel pump is a high pressure unit and can excede 60 or more psi pressure. Using the p......
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