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Recon Con-Rod Set ( No longer available)
Rover V8 3.5,3.9,4.2
Recon Connecting Rod Set
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OE Rover V8 Connecting Rod Eng - 3.5/3.9/4.2
Recon Connecting Rod for 3.5 3.9 or 4.2 Engines
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RV8 4.0 litre con-rod
We also have good used available
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Range Rover Genuine Factory Con Rod Set.
New Factory Conecting Rod Set with bollts

Full set of 8 NEW rods complete with bolts

Close to 100 each from Land Rover !
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Eagle "I" Beam Con-Rods
"I" Beam Con-Rods 5.090" Bushed Pin Fit 302
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Eagle "H" Beam Con-Rods
Full Range available
use search facility for specific engine types
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RV8STD Con-Rod Bolt
For early engine ie 3.5/.3.9/4.2
Complete with Nuts
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RV8Late 4.0/4.6 Con Rod Bolts
Will not fit earlier con rod design - suitable only for
4.0/4.6 Litre Discovery/Range Rover Engines
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SCAT Forged Chevrolet "I" Beam Con-rods
Superior Quality Forged "I" Beam Connnecting Rods
Compete with ARP cap screws and fully balanced end to end.
5.7 " Centre to centre
B/E to suit 2.00" Journal
Press Fit wrist/gudgeon pin 0.928"
For 283,302 Chevrolet & Rover V8*
* requires machining
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Crower Con-rods
Available in 5.7 & 6" centre to centre length
"I" or "H" beam Small Journal Chevrolet to suit
Small Journal ROVER crank pins
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Full Range of Race Chevy, Olds, Ford, Buick MOPAR V8 CROWER Rods, Cranks, Roller Lifters
We now have stock avaialble for Crower

Forged Cranks
Billet Cranks
Camshafts, Hyd. Style, Mechancal & Roller Lifter Roller Lifters
Flat Tappet Lifters
Duplex Timing Sets
Pushrods STD or Custom
Ajustable Pushrods
Valve springs, single,double conical

All items avaialble in days rather tha......
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Rover Forged I Beam Con Rods
Rover V8 Forged I Beam Con Rod Set

ARP 3/8 High Quality Fasteners
0.927" Bushed for Floating Pins
6.0" Rod Centres
Fully End to End Balanced
To fit 2.000" Rod Journal, STD journal width
Overall mass typicaly 595 gms

Good for 600 + BHP as used in our competition
Comp Safari, Drag and Tarm......
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ARP Connecting rod/bolt Kit 3.5,3.9,4.2 engines
ARP Uprated Rod Bolts and Nut Kit for Rover V8 engines :

3.5 - 1970 >
3.9 - 1989 >
4.2 - 1989 >

Stronger than the factory bolts and supplied with lube and torque.pre stretch instructions.
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Rover 4.0/4.6 Con Rod Bolt Kit
Full set of OEM Land Rover 4.0 and 4.6 Litre Rod Bolts (16 per Kit)

Replacment recommended when rebuilding engine.
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TVR 5.0 Litre Con Rod Bolt Set (16)
OEM Con Rod Bolts for the 5.0 Litre TVR Engine
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