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Main Core Plugs
Easier to replace when the engines out of the car and a pain when in - save money by not using new items but is the risk worth it ?
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Oil Galley Plugs
Front knock In core plug
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Rear Threaded Gall. Plugs
2 per block

Price is each
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Rear - Camshaft plug
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Cylinder Block Drain Tap
Drain taps 2 per block used on 3.5 and 3.9 Engines.
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Core Plug Set
Full Set of 8 Core Plugs Inc Rear Cam Blanking Core
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Cylinder Block Core & Plug Set
Kit Includes the following :
8 x Main Core/frost Plugs
2 x Front Oil Gallery Plugs
2 x Rear Oil gallery threaded plugs
2 x Cylinder Block Drain Taps
1 x Rear Camshaft core plug
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Rover V8 "Top Hat" Cross Bolted 4.0/4.6 Cylinder Block.

Remanufactured Top Hat Linnered Cross Bolted Cylinder Block to suit 4.0, 4.6 or larger bore Conversions. (GEMS or Bosch versions available)

These cylinder blocks provide a reliable replacement for your leaking cross bolted cylinder block.

Cam bearings replaced and core plugs.
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Rover V8 3.5 + 0.020" Cylinder Block (Exchange)
Remanufactured 3.5 Litre Cylinder Block.

These Blocks are the post 1976 blocks that use the one piece crank seal rather than the rope seal so a good upgrade for MGB V8

Chemically Cleaned
New Cam Bearings fitted.
Bore machined first oversize + 0.020"
Cross Hatch Hone Finished.
New Core ......
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Range Rover 4.6 New Cross Bolted Cylinder Block
Brand New last of the 4.6 Cross Bolted Cylinder Blocks.

These are the red marked blocks and were ultrasonicaly checked at the factory.

Due to the thicker water way to liner castings these blocks were selected by Land Rover as most suitable for the 4.6 litre engines.

No longer available f......
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3.9 + 0.020" Reman Cylinder Block
Rover V8 3.9 + 0.020" Cylinder Block

Remanufactured 3.9 Litre Cylinder Block.

Chemically Cleaned
New Cam Bearings fitted.
Bore machined first oversize + 0.020"
Cross Hatch Hone Finished.
Block deck to crank centre line checked and squared as appropriate.
New Core Plugs
Pressure Teste......
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Cylinder Block to Cylinder Head Dowels
Cylinder Head to Block dowels
4 required per engine block
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Rover 4.0/4.6 Cross Bolted Block
Used 4.0/4.6 Cross Bolted Cylinder Block

Block has been pressure tested and checked, cleaned.
Bores honed to + 0.002"
Supplied with new core plugs (not fitted)

Please see other listings for 4.0 or 4.6 crankshafts if you wish to carry out a buget build yourself engine.

Outright sale so ......
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Rover 5.0 Litre Short Motor DIY Self Build Kit ( Last one available) )
Rover V8 5.0 Litre Short Engine for DIY assembly - self Build Kit

5.0 Litre Block ( 96 x 86mm)

More responsive than the TVR 5.0 litre engines as oversquare configuration promotes better throttle response and larger 96mm bore helps to unshroud the valves for better flow into the combustion cha......
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Range Rover 4.6 Cross Bolted Block + Pistons
Range Rover GEMS Cylinder Block + Pistons.

GEMS Cylinder Block, Pressure Tested, New Cam Bearings Fitted.

Bored and honed + 0.020" oversize. Complete with set of New + 0.020" 9.35:1CR Pistons, Rings and piston pins.

Core Plugs supplied ( loose) + oil gallery plugs - These are removed to fa......
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