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B/W Auto Flexplate
Shop Soiled but unused
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Clutch Cover Bolts
Bolt set for STD or OE fitment.
High tensile bolts - x6 - 5/16 UNF 7/8"L

2WD Applications.
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Clutch Release Bearing LT77 & T5
Suit SD1 2WD clutch assemblies to approx 1979
Suit TVR Griff and Chimera T5 Applications
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Clutch Releasebearing + Carrier
Fits 1976 - 1986 SD1 Vitesses et al.
This later design of T/O bearing and carrier assembly features a self centering bearing and can be used on early and later LT77 gearboxes
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Flywheel Dowel Pins 2WD Applications.
Flywheel Dowel pin set (3) for STD Rover, Morgan, TVR 9.5" Clutch Assemblies.
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HD ARP Flywheel Bolt Set (Rover V8)
Recommended for HD Aplications
High Quality Steel bolts - torque instructions included.

Multipoint Bolt head - 1" (approx 25mm) UHL
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Rover SD1, TVR MGB V8, Triumph TR8 V8 Clutch Slave Cylinder>>>
To Suit LT77, R380 & T5 Gearboxes.
These are good quality replacements not OE.
Supplied complete with bleed nipple.

To suit :

TVR Giffith 4.0,4.3,4.5,5.0
MGB V8 3.5 and 3.9
Rover Sd1 3500
Rover P5b/P6
Morgan + 8 3.5,3.9,4.6
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SD1 Clutch Pushrod Retaining Clip
Plastic Clip to fix pushrod in place
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Rover V8 Steel Billet Flywheel
Steel Billet Flywheel drilled to accept 9.5,10.4 & 10.5" Diameter Clutch Assemblies. These are premium grade SFI spec units and are complete with ring gear.

If using a 9.5" diameter clutch (STD 2WD) clutch locating dowels should be used. The dowels are not included and suitable holes drilled into......
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10.5" Heavy Duty Clutch Cover
These sfi rated units will take up to 350 BHP and are suitable for Fast Road and Competition use.

The standard flywheel will require redrilling or use the Predrilled Steel Billet unit.
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HD 10.5" Clutch friction Plate
HD Friction Plate - superior quality at a sensible price Find better !

To suit 1" x 23 Spline (LT77 & R380)
and Metric x 23 Spline ( BW T5 Cosworth)
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HD 3/8 UNC Flywheel to Clutch Bolts
HD Flywheel to Clutch bolts to suit Billet Steel & Aluminium flywheel/clutch assemblies.

These bolts are used in place of the noramal clutch cover dowels and are larger diameter to cope with the additional power trasmission of the 350 BHP 10.5" HD clutch covers.
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Rover V8 Clutch Pushrod
Hydrualic Clutch Operating Pushrod
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TVR LT77 & T5 Gearbox CRB Carrier Standard
Standard OE TVR B/W T5 CRB Carrier - For Standard Clutch Applications

Used on the TVR Tasmin V8s and Chimaera and Griffiths
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Rover V8, Morgan, MGRV8, TVR STD 2WD Flywheel
Genuine Standard 2WD Flywheel Complete with Ring Gear and Clutch dowel pins (fitted)

Approx weight 31 Lbs
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Rover V8 SD1 (2WD) 3 Piece Clutch Kit - Self Centering CRB
Friction & Pressure Plate + CRB to suit LT77 G/Boxes from approx 1982 onwards.

The later gearboxes have a 1 peice self centering CRB which can be used with the earlier pre 1982 g/box if required but clutch plates must be compatable.

Please call to confirm if you are unsure of the CRB type yo......
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TREMEC T5 to RV8 Clutch Fork & Slipper Pads
Clutch Fork & Slipper Pads
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TREMEC T5 to RV8 Clutch Fork Pivot
Gearbox mounted Pivot for clutch fork/operating lever.
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Hydraulic Throw Out Bearing Assembly
Hydraulic Throw out Bearing Assembly. These units are used where gearbox bearing retainers to clutch pressure plate has limited space.

The unit is supplied with braided stainless steel pipes with swivel adaptors to allow scope for placing the feed and the bleed side of the assembly in a convenien......
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Heavy Duty Clutch Cover and friction Plate (340 ft/Lbs rating)
Super Heavy Duty (Tuscan) 2 Peice Clutch Cover & friction Plate for use with radius type CRB.

These clutch assemblies are rated at a conservative 340 ft/lbs.

To suit flywheels with 9.5" diameter hole mountings.
Clutch spline 1" 23 spline Imperial or Metric to suit

Rover SD1
Morgan +8
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Range Rover Flywheel Clutch Dowels
Set of 3 dowels for correct location of the clutch pressure plate
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Rover 2WD LT77 Clutch Friction Plate
Sintered Friction Plate suitable for LT77 5 Speed Gearboxes.

1" x 23 Spline Pattern

Please also see CRB ( 2 styles) if also required.

Image is for display purposes only.
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Rover V8 Super Lightweight Steel Flywheel ( 6.85kg approx.)
Rover V8 Steel Billet Lightweight Flywheel.
Dual Drilled for 9.5 and 10.5" UK clutch covers.

American Made Clutches Chevrolet Clutches are similar but not the same to UK spec clutches and some machining may be required to fit.

So does a light flywheel make any difference ?

In first gear ......
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AP Racing 9.5" Clutch Pressure and Friction Plates for Ford T5 W/Class
Heavy Duty Clutch Cover and friction Plate (340 ft/Lbs rating)

Super Heavy Duty 2 Peice Clutch Cover & friction Plate for use with radius type CRB.

These clutch assemblies are rated at a conservative 340 ft/lbs.

To suit flywheels with 9.5" diameter hole mountings.
Clutch spline 1 1/8" x ......
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Competition Flywheel Rover V8
Competition Flywheel for Rover-TVR V8 Engines.

Fully lightened, balanced to accept 7.25" Clutch
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