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Engine Mountings (steel)
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RV8 Eng Mtg. Rubbers - May also suit Specials
Heavy Duty Cotton Reel type engine mounting rubbers to suit some OE spec Land/Range Rovers or for specials

DEFENDER 2.5 Diesel NA 1987 - 1991
DEFENDER 2.5 Petrol 1987 - 1998
DEFENDER 2.5 Petrol 1987 - 1994
DEFENDER 2.5 Turbo Diesel 1987 - 1991
DEFENDER 3.5 V8 Petrol 1987 - 2000
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Bellhousing Std 5speed
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TWR Racing GpA Steel Rocker Gear Assembly
Full set of steel rocker shafts with adjusters for use with solid lifter cams.
These units also feature rocker outrigger supports to prevewnt shaft breakage at high rpm
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Engine Assembly Lube
Assembly lube as used by our engine builders. Prevents excess scuffing of engine components on initial starting.

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Supercharger Crankcase Evacuation System
Crank case evac system allows blow by gases that exist in the rocker cover area to be vented through the exhaust system - by reducing pressure more power is available
For Drag RacingSupercharged Engines
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Clevite 77 Bearing Guard
Bearing Guard used during engine assembly to prevent scuff on initial starting. As used in our workshops.
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Forged/Billet Cranks, H&I Beam Rods, Roller Tappets, Roller Rockers
Not in stock

Full Range of Special Tuning Parts for
Chevrolet V6, V8
Ford V8
Chrysler V8
Olds V8
Buick V8

Forged, Billet or Cast Stroker Cranks
Forged Steel & Aluminium Billet Con Rods
Forged Pistons
Total seals piston rings
Race Bearing Sets
ARP Rod & Cap Studs/Bolts
Roller and fl......
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3.9 STD 9.35:1 CR Pistons ( valve reliefs cut)
Set of good used 3.9 9.35:1 CR Pistons complete with pins with valve releif cut-out machined for high lift camshafts.
AE OEM Branded

Library image used for display.
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Land Rover/Range Rover Brake Caliper (L/H)
New not recon Brake Caliper Left Hand ( Near side on RHD Vehicles

Corresponds to Land Rover Part No STC 1915
Land Rover Price 347.00

To suit :
Range Rover P38 1995 - 2002
Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 and V8 1998 - 2002
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Land Rover/Range Rover Brake Caliper (R/H)
New not recon Brake Caliper Right Hand ( Off side on RHD Vehicles

Corresponds to Land Rover Part No STC 1916
Land Rover Price 345 !!

To suit :
Range Rover P38 1995 - 2002
Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 and V8 1998 - 2002
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Rover Rubber V8 Engine Mountings ( 2WD)
Engine Mountings (Rubber) to suit

Price is per Pair

Morgan + 8
Rover SD1 V8
TVR Chimera
TVR Griffith
Dax Rush
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Range Rover P38 + Discovery 2 Rear Discs
Pair Of aftermarket Brake Discs to suit

Land Rover Discovery Series 2 1998 - 2004
Range Rover P38 4.0/4.6 1995 - 2002
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Range Rover P38 Mintex rear Disc Pads
P38 4.0,4.6,2.5 TD Rear Disc Pad (Set)
(Mintex brand)
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Balkan 2000km Off Road Raid Rally 5.0L V8 (Third Place !!) Watch video below
We like this kind of feedback

copy link

"Hello Paul,

I am writing to inform you that we won third place in Bourgas Offroad Competition - 6-8.12.2012. The engine with the Special Heads was the fastest and the most powerful in the competition......
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Elring Gasket Sealant
Large pump action black silicone sealant

Use for sealing sump, water pump, timing cover, thermostat housings inlet end seals etc etc

Permanent gasket and the best bit is the applicator is resealable so no need to open up a new tube of sealant.

As used in our workshops - gives neat profess......
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MGB V8 2015 Sponsorship (Ollie Neaves & Rob Spencer)
We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting Ollie Neaves and Rob Spencer ( TN Racing) in this years (2015) BCV8 Championship.

Ollie has been a long time compaigner in other MG series and for this year is continuing with his 3.9 Litre 370 - 380+ BHP powertrain.

After narrowly missing......
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Two More Wins at Snetterton for the V8tuner Supported MGB V8s
Two more wins for Rob Spencer in the TN Racing V8tuner supported MGB V8 at Snetterton Oct 10/11th

Well Done Rob ! Superb Driving and hopefuly your success will be repated in Portugal next month.

Another Yella Terra Equipped Winner and since these cars run to an incredible 8000 rpm !! speaks v......
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Range Rover Classic 3.5,3.9, 4.2 Efi / TVR 350i Service Kit
Service Kit includes

Air Cleaner
Oil Filter
Sump Washer
Fuel Filter
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Range Rover Classic 3.5,3.9 Service Tune Up Kit
Allmakes SKT6021 Service Kit

Kit contents include :

Air Filter Element (1)
Fuel Filter (1)
Oil Drain Sump Copper Washer (1)
Oil Filter (1)

Distributor Cap (1)
Rotor Arm (1 )
Champion Copper Core Spark Plug Set (8)

Suitable for Range Rover Classic 3.5 and 3.9 Efi Engines. May also s......
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4.0 and 4.6 GEMS THOR Crankshaft Pulley Damper
Used part removed from running engine.
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Range Rover 4.0 and 4.6 GEMS Flex plate with spacer
Used parts
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Range Rover P38 Water Pump Pulley ERR4867
Used part - not bent or distorted.

Clean , paint and install.
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Range Rover P38 4.0 and 4.6 GEMS Sump Pan and Oil PU Pipe Assembly.
Good Used part removed - not cleaned supplied as is.
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TVR 350i , Range Rover Classic Efi (Flapper) 4CU Trumpet Base
Used Trumpet Base also suitable for Morgan and TVR 350 i etc
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