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PistonRing Set + 20 oversize for Rover V8 engines > 1976
Ring set for early Rover V8 engines > 1976

To suit
Rover P5B
Rover P6
Range Rover Classic 3.5 > 1976

Ring thickness

Top and second 5/64"
Oil Control 3/16"
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Rover V8 3.5 STD 9.35:1 PIstons & Rings
Set of 8 Pistons + Pins & Piston Rings STD Size to suit

Rover SD1 3.5
MGB V8 (Raises CR from STD 8.13:1)
TVR Wedge 3.5
Morgan + 8 3.5
Discovery 1 3.5
Range Rover Classic 3.5
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4.0/4.6 Litre Piston Ring Set (STD Size)
Piston Ring Set for 4.0 & 4.6 Litre X - Bolted Engines 1995 > 2002 approx.

Chrome Top Rings help reduce friction. American made Piston Rings so good quality
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Rover 3.5 to 3.9 Litre Liner & Piston Kit
Consider Converting your tired or worn past its bore limits 3.5 (3.5" Bore ) cylinder block to the more potent 3.9 litres.

Kit includes
New Liner Set (8)
New 9.35:1 CR Pistons & Pins
New Piston ring Set

Low Comp 8.13:1 CR pistons also available

Library Image used for display purposes only.
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Rover Flanged Liner Set
Flanged Liners (aka Top Hat Liners) the only reliable way of repairing your damaged cracked or leaking cross bolted cylinder block.
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Genuine Land Rover 4.0 HC Pistons ( use in 4.6 engine for approx 9.75:1 CR)
Genuine Land Rover ( Top Quality) 4.0 HC Piston, Pin and Piston Ring Set.

Bore size 94.04mm and same compression height as the bigger capacity 4.6 piston. This piston can therefore be used on either engine and when used with a 82mm (4.6 Crank + rods) will raise compression ratio to approx
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Rover V8 3.5 STD Piston Rings 1976 > ( AE Brand)
Piston Rings to suit 3.5 Litre Engines
1976 onwards with
1/16" First and second compression Rings
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TVR 5.0 Litre Forged Piston and Rod Engine Upgrade
TVR Chimaera and Griffith 5.0 Litre Engine Upgrade. Time for some recon work on your standard bore TVR 5.0 Litre perhaps ?

Weve put together these components giving similar CR to the OE spec engine but with a forged slipper ie low friction piston in +20 oversize and also utilising longer 6.0 inc......
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Rover V8 96mm Forged Pistons - 4.8 Litre Conversion
V8 Rover Forged Pistons.

Use with flanged linered block bored to 96mm for 4.8 litre conversion using standard 4.6 rods and crankshaft.

Forged Pistons approx 9.5:1 CR
Std/Tool Steel Pins
96.00 Bore
Pin diameter Press Fit for STD 4.6 Conrods
Similar weight to standard pistons
Complete ......
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Rover, TVR, Morgan 96mm Forged Pistons
96mm Custom Made Forged Pistons

5.0 Litre Conversions

Requires suitable Off set Ground Crankshaft
Forged I Beam Rods
Full rotating assembly dynamic balance.
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TVR 5.2 Litre Forged Conversion Pistons ( Mongoose Conversion)
Is your TVR 5.0 litre motor needing some refurbishment due to worn bores ?

New set of forged 96mm pistons for 90mm Crankshaft stroke TVR 5.0 litre engines. Will require a flanged linered block to convert. Useful increase in torque and BHP whilst utilizing your crank and rods from your tired 5.0 l......
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Rover V8 4.2 Litre Forged Pistons (96mm)
Forged in high silicone with anti scuff coating pistons complete with press fir piston rings.

96 MM, 1.760" comp height, 28CC bowl, forged in high silicon, anti friction coating, with pins and piston rings.

Will require a block fitted with flanged liners and bored to 96mm

Gives a nice over......
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