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4.9 Short Block Assembly
Specification sheet available on demand.
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New HO 5.0 TVR Short Block Assembly V8P 350 Spec
New x-bolted Engine block
Stroked and x-drilled Quality SG Crankshaft ( Not TVR counter balanced sand cast crank)
New Forged Con-rods
New Rod Bolts
New Bearings
New Cast HC Pistons
New Piston Ring Set
Fully balanced
Possible 360 BHP with F85 Cylinder Heads and suitable Cam, Induction and I......
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Rover V8, TVR, Morgan or 4x4 5.2 Short Engine Assembly ( 400 BHP Potential)
5.2 litre Competition Short Engine Assembly.

Configured for maximum torque using the long stroke and samller bore . Perfect as is or for Supercharging.

Suitable for Road, Off Road, Competition Use.

Specification :
Re - engineered Flanged Linered Ductile iron x-bolted Cylinder Block. Full......
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4.8 litre Short engine (V8P 300 Spec)
Used X-bolted Late Type Top Hat Linered Cylinder Block
Stroker Crankshaft (Nitrided)
New/Recon Con-rods (Forged) + ARP Nuts/Bolts
New Pistons + Chrome Moly Rings
Full Dynamic Balance.

(Spec varies depending on ignition system used)

Independant dyno tests using the above with our Stage 3+ H......
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Reconditioned 3.5 SD1 +20 HC Short Engine (190 - 215 BHP) Ideal for MGB Touring or Sports
Rebuilt 3.5 +20 Short Engine
Pressure Tested
Reground Crankshaft +10 with new HD Clevite/Fed-Mog Bearings
Recon Con-rods
New HC 9.75:1 + 0.020" Pistons/Rings
New 229/232 Camshaft
Cloyes Duplex Timing Chain Assembly
Block Bored + 20 and Honed
Fully cleaned/inspected and new core plugs

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3.9 litre TVR Short Engine ( Serp Engines)
Reconditioned 3.9 Short Engine.
Light used Gemini block
Reground Crack tested & B/B Crankshaft,
HRC Con-rods
New Rod Bolts
Quality Clevite/Glyco Bearings
New Pistons & Rings (94.5mm) 9.35:1CR
New Performance Camshaft
STD USA Brand Lifters
Cloyes Street Timing Chain Assembly
Main Stud K......
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Rover HC 3.5 Short Engine V8P 200/220 + Spec
Reconditioned 3.5 Short Engine
Pressure Tested and hot tank cleaned
Reground and cleaned, inpected Crankshaft
New Premium Quality Main & Rod Bearings
New Cam Bearings
Cleaned and Inspected Con-rods
New con-rod bolts/nuts
New HC 9.75:1 + 0.020" Pistons + Chrome Rings
Performance Camshaft +......
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Race Spec 4.8 litre Cylinder Block V8P 400
Built to suit individual applications :
Circuit, Off Road, Drag, NOX, Forced Induction

New x-bolted Cylinder Block
Stroker Crankshaft - Ni-Tempered - xdrilled
Forged Floating or Press Pin Con -rods
Forged Pistons
Comp Ratios avaialble from 7.6 :1 - 12.5 :1
Prices from :
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Short/Long Engines Rebuilt
As well as offering remaufactured and new short and long engines we can also rebuild your existing engine unit.

Please enquire for details
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3.9 Short Engines (STD) Pre 1980 cylinder Block.
Re-sleeved 3.5 to 3.9 Short Engine (88.9 >94.04mm Bore)
Reground Crankshaft with new HD Bearings
Recon Con-rods
New Con-rod bolts/nuts
New Cam Bearings
New + 0.020" Pistons
Chrome Low Friction Rings
STD Efi Camshaft
STD Lifters
New HD Steel Timing Chain Assembly
Fully cleaned/inspected a......
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TVR Chimaera/Disco/RRP38/Morgan/Special 4.6 Litre High Comp Short Engine DIY
Save some cash and consider a DIY engine build Kit.

When making comparisons on price, recommend also to consider quality, as we only use or supply the best components available.

DIY kits shown here are supplied using genuine new rods , genuine HC pistons, bearings and freshly reman flanged li......
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4.6 V8 Top Hat Linered Short Engine
Fully Reconditioned 4.6 Short Engine.

Cylinder Block Chemically Cleaned and fitted with New Top Hat Liners to eradicate block/liner leakage issues.

Standard Bore Size (94mm) and honed for either fast road use or LPG conversions.

Reman connecting rods
New bolts fitted
Pistons are standard......
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Rover V8 5.0 Litre Short Engine. 300 + BHP Land Rover, TVR, MGR V8
5.0 Litre Short Engine ( 96 x 86mm)

Perfect upgrade when it comes to the enevitable time to replace/repair your 3.5,3.9,4.0,4.5 or 4.6 litre short engine.

Spec as follows:
The cylinder block is remanufactured/re-engineered component and fitted with new flanged liners.

Cross Bolted Cylin......
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Rover V8 500 BHP !! 4 x4 Not Quite.
In an attempt to grab your attention and our aplogies if you are not interested but...... just to let all our UK and Worldwide 4 x 4 Customers know we now supply the full range of standard, off road and competition parts for the follwing vehicles.

DEFENDER 3.5 V8 Petrol 1987 - 2000
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Rover V8 4.6 Short Engine REMANUFACTURED Not Reconditioned
Rover V8 4.6 Short Engine (reman)

New late type 4.6 Cylinder Block to suit ( Motronic/GEMS)
Reground or polished crankshaft, inspected and chemicaly cleaned.
New Factory OEM connecting rods
New Factory OEM Rod Bolts
New appropriate sized bearings installed.

Fully Balanced to Clubman Spec. ......
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** 4.8 Litre Conversion ** Inc Forged Pistons & Ring Set**
Perfect upgrade or to repair and give some new life and performance to your tired, worn or to upgrade your 4.6 litre engine.

This offer is for flanged linered block bored and finished to 96mm . Pistons are 96mm Forged and include new pins and a set of high quality piston rings.

This allows yo......
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Rover V8 3.5 to 3.9 conversion.
Remanufactured 3.9 Cylinder Block
Bored to + 0.020"
Bores Honed to size
New Cam Bearings
New Core Plugs
Chemically Cleaned Block
Pressure Tested
Complete with full set of New 3.9 +20 9.35:1 CR Pistons, Pins and Piston Rings

Re-use your crankshaft and conrods for this conversion and capaci......
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New TVR/Morgan HC 3.9/4.0 Short Engine ( Last One )
Possibly the last New 3.9 HC engine available anywhere.

Brand New Short Engine - HC version which has the valve reliefs cut into the piston as used on the 3.9/4.0 Litre HC ( more power) version of the engines installed into TVR Chimereas.

Gemini Type Block which has the facility for cross bol......
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