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Bafled Sumps
Baffled Trackday/Race Sumps using Range Rover Large capacity pressings - feature built in windage tray and trap doors to maintain oil feed under hard cornering/acceleration/braking.

Complete with modified oil pick-up pipe

Not currently available
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S/H Range Rover Sumps
Approx 6mm shorter than the SD1 sump and also has bigger capacity -
Currently not available
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S/H SD1 Sumps
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Stainless Steel Oil Sump Bolts
Hex head stainless steel (set)
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Serpentine 4.0/4.6 Aluminium Sump
Second Hand Cast Alloy sump to suit 4.0/4.6 Range Rover V8 Engine
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Refurbished TVR/Range Rover Steel Sump Pan + Pick Up Pipe
Refurbished TVR/RRC Steel Sump Pan + Oil Pick Up Pipe to suite serpentine Engines 1994 >

Can be used on Westfieds, Dax Rush etc and give aprox 6mm better ground clearance than SD1 Pan.

Larger oil capacity so also helps cooling
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Modified Range Rover Sump
Modified Track-day Sump - similar to the new Range Rover bafled trap door sump but using customer sump for modification.

Exchange only
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Serpentine Engines - Oil Pick Up Strainer
New Pick Up pipe and strainer for GEMS type Serp Engines
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Range Rover P38 Sump Drain Plug & Washer
Sump Drain Plug & Washer to suit

Range Rover P38 1995 - 2002
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Rover V8 Sump Drain Plug & Washer
Rover V8 Sump Drain Plug & Washer

Suit Rover V8 Engines 1970 - 1994 ie those fitted with a steel sump pan pre 4.0/4.6 Gems or Motronic Engines
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Range Rover P38 Steel Sump ( Used)
Range Rover Steel Sump 1996 - 1999 (used)

In good order and without dents etc
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