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Rover V8 Rocker Shafts
New Genuine Land Rover Rocker Shafts.
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Rover V8 Crankshaft Timing Sprocket
Crankshaft Timing Sprocket

ROVER SD1 3500
DEFENDER 3.5 V8 Petrol 1987 - 2000
DISCOVERY 1 V8 1989 - 1998
DISCOVERY 2 V8 1998 - 2004
RANGE ROVER 95-02 V8 1995 - 2002
SERIES III 3.5 V8 Petrol 1979 - 1982
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Land/Range Rover Motronic Cam Sprocket (Genuine LR)
Timing Sprocket 4.0/4.6 Litre Engines ( Bosch Motronic

Timing Sprocket to suit :

Land Rover Discovery 2 4.0 Litre
Range Rover 4.0/4.6 1998/9 - 2002

Image is for display only - Item listed is Genuine Boxed Land Rover
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Stage 4 Big Valve, Bulleted Guide and Seal Set ( 1.692 In 1.455 Ex
Set of

1.692" SS Inlet Valves - STD stem and Groove
1.455 SS Ex. Valves - STD Stem and Groove

Set Bulleted and shortened Inlet Guides
Set Bulleted and shortened Ex. Guides
Set 16 Neoprene Valve Stem seals.

These valves are the largest sized valves that will fit a Rover V8 Cylinder head......
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Competition Outrigger Support Set
High Quality Alloy Outrigger Supports

Use these to prevent rocker shafts breaking.

The rocker arms on the extreme back and front of your Rover V8 engine are inadequately supported for sustained high rpm use.

Installing these supports will minimise deflection of the rocker arm and prevent ......
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Rocker Shaft Washers & Split Pins
Set of 4 solid washers fro rocker shaft ends and split pins.

Does not include wavy shim washers
(available seperately)
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Range Rover Classic V8 Timing Covers (New) 1970 - 1976
New Genuine Land Rover Timing Cover - Now obsolete from Land Rover ( Last price £818.87 + VAT £163.77)

These covers are suitable for the 1970 - 1976 engines with female oil pump shaft.

Supplied with gaskets and oil pump gears and genuine spare front oil seal
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Range Rover Classic 1976 - 1994 New Timing Cover and Uprated Oil Pump Gear Kit ( last new one available )
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Stainless Steel Cap Head Screws + 10mm
Extra Long Rocker Cover Screws for use when installing our 10mm Rocker Cover Adapters
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Rover, Morgan, TVR V8 Stainless Rocker Cover Screws
Stainless Steel Cap Head Rocker Cover Screw Set.

Will suit all Land Rover
Land Rover Defender, 90,110, Classic, P38
TVR 350,390,420, Chim & Griff
Morgan + 8
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Replacement Billet Alloy Rocker Shaft Pillars/Posts
Replacement Alloy CNC Machined Rover V8 (all engines)

Rocker Arm Pillar/Post Set (8)

Stronger and less prone to distortion than the factory posts and more competitively priced too.
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MGB V8 Replacement Timing Cover
Replacement Timing Cover
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Edelbrock Rocker Cover and Adapter Plate Kit ( Rover V8 Applications)
Rover V8 (all variants) Edelbrock Finned and Polished Rocker Covers (pair) complete with fittings.

Kit Inludes:
Chevy Style Edelbrock Rocker Covers (finned & polished)
Steel Adapter Plate Kit inc Screws
Chrome Signature Rocker Cover Breather/Oil Filler
Cork Rocker Cover Gaskets

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Adjustable Pushrods 5/16 (singles)
Single (1) Adjustable Pushrod

Saves buying a complete set if you have damaged one of yours or as a checking pushrod for determining required pushrod lengths
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MGB V8 Rocker Covers ( For 4 Barrel Carb Engines ONLY)
Remade MGB V8 Rocker Covers (Pair ) to suit cars equiped with 4 Barrel Edel/Weber/Holley Carbs.

Image is a library image and does not show the type supplied which are equipped with loateing holes for the oil filler and the engine brether flame trap.
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Steel Rocker Shafts Made in UK Versions (OEM Quality) New Product)
Pair of Rover V8 Rocker Shafts suitable for engines 1970 - 2002

Check the underside of your rocker shafts when carrying out your rebuild as excessive play will lead to engine noise and reduced oil pressure.

These are aftermarket Rocker Shafts and therefore do not have the orientation identifie......
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Genuine Land Rover 3.9,4.2,4.0,4.6 Exhaust Valves
Genuine Land Rover (supplied in LR packaging) Exhaust Valves - waisted stem carbon cutter design.

These now retail at £40.26 each

Special while stock last .....
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Rover V8 3.5 - 5.0 Litre Hi Flow Valve Guide and Seal Kit
Full Set of Reprofiled valve guise for Inlet and Exhaust

Kit Contents :

8 Hi Flow Inlet Guides

8 Hi Flow Exhaust Guides

16 Neoprene Rubber Stem Seals ( to suit machined guides)

Suitable for 14 and 10 bolt cylinder heads and will alos prevent oil beign sucked through guide when instal......
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STD Valve Guides ( Recessed Seal Type)
STD Valve Guides for all Rover V8 Engines

1970 - 2004

These are the later type Valve Guides fitted to either Inlet or Exhaust. The tops are machined to accept the later type hooded seal and therefore offer better oil control.
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Replacement Duplex Chain
Replacement DUPLEX Timing Chain for

Kent Vernier

Will also fit and is suitable for

Cloyes Street
Cloyes True
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Performance Uprated Single Valve Springs (One Less Coil)
Up-rated by 15% over standard Rover Sd1 Valve Springs with one less coil for better valve guide to retainer clearance. Made from better quality col wire and heat treated.

For use with

Kent and similar High Performance Camshafts.

Eg, H180,200,214,218

Crower 230, 232

RS Viper, Typhoon......
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Rocker Shaft Solid Washer 602186
Rocker Shaft Solid Washer (4 required per Engine )

Sold per Engine Set

Made in the UK OEM/Land Rover Spec
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Rocker Shaft Wavy Washer 602148
Rocker Shaft Wavy Washer ( 4 Per Engine)

Locates between solid washer 602186 and split pin with rocker arms at other end.

Sold in engine sets ( 4)
Made in the UK OEM Spec.
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Rover TVR Morgan Land Rover Range Rover OEM Push Rod Set
Set of 16 OEM Quality ( Same as genuine) Pushrod Set.

Suitable for all Rover V8 engines 1970 - 2004

Rover P5B/P6
MGB V8, Triumph TR8
Range Rover Classic 1970 - 1992 3.5,3.9,4.2
Land Rover Defender (all)
Morgan + 8 3.5,3.9, 4.6
TVR 350,390, Chim, Griffith 4.0,4.5,5.0
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TVR Serpentine 96 > RECON Timing Cover
TVR Serpentine Engines 1996 > Timing Cover Assembly.

Good used Casting, fully dismantled, threads checked, oil pump rotors removed and inspected. Pressure relief assembly removed.

Cleaned in acid tank, grit blasted and re-assembled.

New Oil Pressure Relief Valve Kit installed (see images) I......
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Range Rover P38 GEMS 4.0/4.6 Timing Cover (RECON)
Range Rover P38 4.0/4.6 1996 > Timing Cover Assembly.

Good used Casting, fully dismantled, threads checked, oil pump rotors removed and inspected. Pressure relief assembly removed (both sides).

Cleaned in acid tank, grit blasted and re-assembled.

New Oil Pressure Relief Valve Kit installed ......
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ERC 224 Inlet Valve Seats
Made in UK Valve Seats

Suitable for 3.5,3.9,4.2,4.0, 4.6 an d5.0 litre Engines

1970 - 2004
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Rover V8 Outrigger Supports and Billet Post Set
Competition or Trackday Rover V8 High Performance Outrigger Support and Billet Post Kit.

Suitable for all Rover V8 engines including Land Rover, Range Rover, TVR, Morgan and Specials (3.5 - 5.2 litres)

These billet alloy supports are designed to prevent the end of the rocker shafts deflecting ......
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Land Rover Discovery 2 V8 Aftermarket Timing Cover
Land Rover Discovery 2 timing Cover complete with sensors as shown and oil pump gears with fitted seal.

or go to

Ready to go

To suit vehicles from VIN 2A753562 - also suitable for Range Rover however check image for positive compar......
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