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STD Rover V8 cam followers (Quality Brand)
STD followers can be used with most hyd. cams.

Standard followers are rated to approx 5250rpm continuous -

For prolonged/sustained high engine speed use
Crane Hi-Rev Anti -Pump Lifters, Crower Lifters or Rhoads Bleed Down anti Pump.

To aid assembly and to prevent premature follower and ......
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***Rover V8 Rhoads Bleed-Down Lifters***
Bleed Down lifters give increased low end performance due to reduced overlap and lift and revert to STD above 3500rpm.

Gives better mpg on small throtle openings
Enables the use of more radical cam profile and yet maintains street drivability.

Suitable for 3.5 to 5.0 litre engines

To ai......
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Solid Lifters -Mech Cam ( C-Cams Brand)
Will require non standard pushrods
for correct fitment.

Adjustable Pushrods also available - please note mechanical and hydraulic components are not interchangable.
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Chevrolet Lifters ( Will Fit Rover see below)
Although primarily designed for the Chevrolet V8 Engine, these lifters will work equaly well in a Rover V8 engine - top quality !

The physical size of these lifters will allow fitting to the Rover engine however the ball rad. of the lifter cup requires a non standard pushrods.

Hollow tube chro......
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Ford Anti Pump Lifters
Anti Pump Lifters for use with perfromance cams
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Ford Rhoads Bleed Down Lifters
These lifters give good low rpm vaccum and revert to an anti pump unit above 3500 rpm - you therefore get good mpg, progressive power delivery and the benifits of your perfromance cam at high rpm .....
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Chevrolet/Rover Sealed Power Lifters ( Hi - Rev)
Excellent quality and good value lifters

These lifters cna be used in Rover engines where rpm levels are likley to exceed 5500rpm. The lifter cup sits further down he lifter bore than the Rover lifters and therefore longer pushrods will be required
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Chevrolet Rhoads Lifters
Nothing to add just good design, excellent quality and the benifits of good mpg and all out power !!

To aid assembly and to prevent premature follower and cam lobe scuff consider using Cam and Engine Assembly lube.
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