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Reconditioned 3.5/3.9/4.2 Long & Short Engines. (Price From 1250 + Parts)

Due to the high volume of enquires from both the UK, Europe and overseas, we have assembled some estimates of costings.

It is impossible to give a precise costing as without dismanlting your engine, we cannot assess to what extent your engine needs are and what can be done to correct.

Prices are based on LABOUR only with a guide on the lower page to enable you to determine which parts you require to complete.

Freight available UK or Overseaes - please email for freight quote.

England and Wales 59.90
Scotland and The Highland & Islands 90.00
France, Germany and Spain, Netherlands approx 165.00
All Plus Insurance in transit 17.50
Other countries please enquire :

Prices based on short or long engines with flywheel, flex plate, crank pulley and timing cover + ancillery components removed.

Prices are liable to fluctuate ( Jan 2017 )

Costings ( Labour ). Parts not included and will be in addition ( see below)

Strip, dismantle short/long engine and inspect 80.00
Presure Test Block 60
Remove core plugs, drain taps and install new 45.00
Remove and Replace Cam Bearings 45.00
Clean Block 80.00
Rebore Block and hone to size 149.00
Reface or true block deck to crank centreline 80.00
Grind Crankshaft, and Clean 149.00
Clean & Inspect Conrods 45.00
Remove Rod Bolts and press fit with new 45.00
Install Pistons onto rods 45.00
Assemble crank to engine block, install rods, gap piston and check 345.00
Install camshaft, timing assembly and time cam 45.00

Installation of cylinder heads, lifters, pushrods and building and installing rocker assembly + checking lifter preload 180.00

Dynamic Balancing including maching valve cut outs for use with decked block and higher lift cams, rods balanced end to end 285.00
Modified engines requiring tungsten inserts : Extra
cost for drillingan dtungsten material.

Labour charge only to carry out assembly work.

Short 1250.00 + Parts
Long 1450.00 + Parts not including cylinder heads Cylinder heads please see listings e.g. From 565.00 STD (exchange)

Helicoil thread repairs from 14.25 each
Cylinder Block or head welding from 30 per fault

Upgrade parts can be fitted at time of order but may incurr additional machining.

For parts prices please see relevant section. To assist you in calculating costs you will in addition require :

Core Plugs and drain taps
Cam Bearings
Main Bearings (Budget or Premium Quality)
Rod Bearings ( Budget or Premium Quality)
Pistons and pins
Piston Rings
STD Rod Bolts/Nuts or ARP Bolts
Mains Bolts or the more durable ARP Studs
Camshaft STD, Uprated Hyd or Mech
Lifter set STD, Rhoads or Crane/Crower/CC Brand
Timing Set STD, Cloyes or Vernier
Cam Spacer, Bevel Gear, woodruff Key & Bolt

Rocker Shaft Bolts ( Long Engines)
Rocker Shafts (Long Engines)
Rocker Arms STD, Alloy, Steel or Yella Terra
Rocker Pedestals (Long Engines)
Rocker Springs and washers
HD Pushrods will require Head machinng clearance
Cylinder Head Bolts - STD/ARP Studs ( Long Engines)
Shim Kit (required after head and block machine work)

Gaskets required available in tin or composite for intake, exhaust and cylinder heads. Seals available in budget,Victor Reinz, Corteco etc

Discount prices on Electronic Distributor Kit, Carb Kits, Exhaust Manifolds, water pumps and timing covers available with recon short and long engines only.

For further enquires please email using link on top centre of page.

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All prices include VAT @ 20%
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