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Range Rover 4.8 litre Long Engine 1995 - 2002

Range Rover P38 and Discovery 2 4.8 Litre Long Engine to suit
GEMS or Motronic Equipped vehicles.

Approx 245- 250 BHP & 295 ft/lbs Torque @ 2700 rpm.

These engines are assembled with the emphasis is low and midrange torque - where its most needed and are therefore perfect for highway, off road and towing applications.


The Cylinder block features top hat flanged ductile iron liners for reliability and uses a forged 96mm specialy made piston.

Cylinder heads are fully ported and fitted with oversize valves, reprofiled guides and seals.
ARP Studs are used to clamp the heads into position - these are much prefered and helps to prevent bore distortion and subsequently better bore to piston sealing.

New Cam Bearings are fitted ( where required) new cross bolts + sealing washers and main bolts installed.

Con rods are crack tested, balanced end to end and rod bolts replaced.

The whole rotating assembly is dynamicaly balanced to clubman specification. 0.5 +/- 0.1gm

The Camshaft has been developed to work with the increased capacity and uses installed OEM cam followers. New Factory pushrods are installed with new OE spec rocker assembly and lifter preload pre -set.

Cylinder heads use high quality 1.64/1.4" stainless steel valves, reprofiled valve guides and seats recut to maximise flow, Ports are optimised for gas speed and torque.

No further engine modifications are required as the GEMS or Motronic system copes well with increased demands and potency of the new engine.

We require a suitable flex plate and crank pulley for this conversion as these components are essential for dynamic balance.

Price is for exchage however outright sale also available. Shipping possible worldwide.

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