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Emerald Engine Management Systems.

We currently have in development an Emerald K6 system which we will be supplying either as ECU only, ECU bundle/package or ECU system complete with all looms and plugs to allow complete install without modification to your Lucas 14 CUX System.

This system is currently being tested on our TVR Chimaera Twin Rotor Supercharged vehicle. This sytem and installation is being used as the fueling and igntion is a more challengeing proposition than the normal asperated high performance 4.0,4.5, 5.0 and larger capacity engines that we bespoke build for our UK and overseas customers.

These systems are versatile and will allow significant changes to be made to the way your engine currently operates and with the full control of fuel and igntion via a laptop or simialr PC.

Other parameters such as traction control, water injection together with more than one choice of fuel map allows for trackday/race use or for touring ...all with the flick of a switch.

Installtion will require technical knowledge of vehicle wiring systems and the package can be supplied to contain some or all of the following components.

Emerald K6 ECU
( with base map + software)
EDIS Coil Packs x 2
Coil Pack brackets
Plug leads set
Fly leads - as required
Connectors for fly lead/loom
Air temp sensor
MAP sensor
Trigger Wheel with sensor + Bracket.

Optional is a dedicated ECU to ECU plug so the OE loom can be used and whch would require a simple unplugging to revert back to the old 14 CUX system should you wish to tranfer the system to another vehicle.

This sytem dispenses with the hotwire AFM and therefore provides a better path for air to the engine. Other restrictions can also be reduced with ...

Enlarged TB available (71.5mm), individual TBs ported and flowed intake manifold, larger matched injectors readily available.

We have chosen to supply the above system as it provides the best level of performance, adaptability and at a reasonable cost for a commercially availble product and which we think is unrivalled for quality.

Technical back up is based on a lifetime's experience as the designer is both a respected engineer and technical writer with more articles written on perfomance engines than most of us would know about.

The design comes about by knowledge based on actual impirical data and not data plucked from "fresh air" with unsubstantiated claims.

An honest product at a reasonable price and once installed and set will surpass most expectations when compared to the 14 CUX system.

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