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5.2 Litre Stroker Conversion For 3.9 Small Journal Type Cylinder Blocks - Not currently available

Rover V8 5.2 Litre Stroker Kit for Small Main Journal 2.3 inch Block

Full Dynamic Balance to 0.1gm Competition Spec

Powerhouse - 5.2 Litre (5149cc) Stroker Kit 300 - 350 BHP/ 300 - 350 295 Ft/Lbs Torque

Limited Number available - Only 1 left

5.2 Litre Stroker Crank Kit fully balanced

SG iron Crankshaft 2.3" Main Journals, Index Ground, And Cross Drilled for added bearing lubrication for road or competion use.

Forged 6.00" "I" Beam Con Rods 0.927" floating pins - bronze bushed - Balanced end to end good for up to 500 BHP. Tool Steel Pins and spiral loks. ARP 3/8 Rod Bolts.

Ductile Chrome Moly Race Piston Ring Set

Fed Mogul Main Bearing Set

Clevite Competition Con Rod Bearing Set

94.5mm Forged Piston Set - to suit standard blocks with only a simple and straightforward rebore and hone for correct clearance.

Pistons are weight matched and balanced with valve cut outs.

Approx. 10.5: 1CR with 35cc heads or more with later 10 bolt 28c heads.

Fitting will require boring the block to 94.5mm
and may require minor work to clearance the sump on crank rotation.

Small casting pad needs to be removed from the block to obtain counterweight clearance.

With modified heads, suitable igntion & induction over 300 BHP and Torque output of over 300 ft/LBs.

Power variations are wide due to application, camshaft, heads, manifolds and induction system used.

With stage 3 CNC or 4 cylinder heads and a wilder cam the above power outputs are typical 330 - 340 BHP.

( Image shown is a 5.2 litre stroker kit installed in a customers engine - for display only)

Suitable for 2 WD and 4 WD Applications.

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