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Radiator Top Hose fillers
Not in stock

Cast Alloy postive cooling filling is ensured by using
one of these. These units fit between thermostat and red top hose and feature an additional filler cap mounting flange Suit 1.5 to 1.5 " ID Hose.

Helps eliminate air locks in the cooling system - an effect often blamed on th......
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Hi Performance Cooling Fans
Not in stock

1400 cfm Electric Cooling fan. Reversible & less than 3 deep. Requires 13.25" clearance.

Suit 3.5,3.9 Cobra,Westfield,Rush etc
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Electric Cooloing fan assembly
Not in stock

14" Electric fan Kit 1800cfm - 3.6" depth, Reversible, with mounting Kit. Complete with instructions.

Suit Big capacity Rover/Chevy/Ford
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Electric fan thermostat Kit
Not in stock

For use with electric cooling fans. Allows the fan to be set to predetermined coolant temperatures.

Includes instructions, and temp sensor probe which locates in the radiator fins
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Rover V8 Engines Thermostat 74 degree (Waxstat)
Waxstat Quality 74 degree thermostat Rover application.

Rover engines suffer less from block problems cooling problems if max coolant temperature is kept between 80 - 85 deg C.
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Range Rover P38 4.0/4.6 ThermostaT Assembly
Not in stock

Range Rover P38 Thermostat Assembly.

An Item often overlooked and particularly important.

Many 4.0/4.6 engines have as a result of poor maintenance and failure to check the thermostat assembly ended up with cylinder block or head gasket failure.

Check yours has been chang......
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