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SD1 Big Inlet Valve 1.63"
Stainless Steel 214N
Bigger Inlet valve will fit STD heads with valve seat opened to corresponding size - increased gas flow and power !
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SD1 & RR 4.0/4.6 Std Valve springs
Made in USA
STD Valve Spring Set Single to suit
Rover SD1
Morgan + 8
TVR 350/390 Chim 400/Griff 400 *
Range Rover Classic 3.5,3.9,4.2
Range Rover P38 4.0 & 4.6
Discovery 1 3.5,3.9
Discovery 2 4.0 Litre

Worth replacing on a head rebuild.
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Valve Stem Seals
Late spec Hooded seal can be used on both inlet/exhaust valves .

If later valve guides are to be fitted, these are machined to accept the seals shown. The seals offer superior performance to the older style seals.
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Distributor Drive - cam gear SD1,RR/Disco, Defender, TVR, Morgan (UK Made)Eng Part 614188
Essential for maintaining accurate valve timing. Worn units are clearly identified by excessive wear
ie scoring on the bevel gear.

To suit post 1976 engines 3.5,3.9,4.2, and other varients that use a distributor.

OEM EU Manufactured.
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H/D pushrods
Set of 16 Heavy Duty pushrods.

These pushrods may require the pushrod holes in the cylinder head to be enlarged for clearance.
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SD1 Inlet valves
Sd1 Inlet valve - StD size/replacement
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SD1 Ex. valves
STD SD1 Exhaust Valves

Image is for display only and not representative of the part supplied/offered.
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Valve guides STD (16)
Standard Valve Guide Set (16)

Plain Type for use on early engines without hooded seals.
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Mod Ex . Guide
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Triple Valve Springs
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Valve collets
Full set of 32 to suit Standard Valve Spring retainers or Comp Cams Doull Spring Type.
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Valve Spring Retainers (STD)
Retainers for single spring installations.
Genuine Parts ( ERC 573)
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L/H & R/H rocker Arm Set - Aluminium
Replacing worn rockers allows accurate valve timing and prevents excessive clearance which can lead to rocker breakage.
Corresponds to 602153/602154

Price per set
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Rocker shafts - Rover V8 (All)
Pair of Rover V8 Rocker Shafts suitable for engines 1970 - 2002

Check the underside of your rocker shafts when carrying out your rebuild as excessive play will lead to engine noise and reduced oil pressure.

These are aftermarket Rocker Shafts and therefore do not have the orientation identifi......
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Rocker Pedestal Shim Kit (lifter preload)
Shims are used to adjust the litfter/tappet preload when fitting a new performance camshaft. If you are replacing with a standard camshaft and have had the cylinder heads machined then a shim kit may also be required. The shims fit under the rocker pedestal and allow the preload to be set correctly.......
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Rover V8 Duplex - Cloyes True Timing Chain set
All steel duplex (double chain -reynolds pre-stretched) timing set complete.

Steel gears are balanced and hardened to Rockwell 'C' standard. Will maintain accurate cam timing for longer, and more durable in use.

Also reduces friction = more power !!!

If you require even more accuracy and t......
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Clevite, MAHLE or CLOYES Heavy Duty Metal timing set 3.5,3.9,4.2,5.0 Engines
Timing set includes both metal gears and chain. better performance than std Nylon/alloy cam sprocket.
Fits P5,P6 engine 1970 Onwards

SD1, Range Rover Classic, Discovery 1,TVR, MGB V8, Triumpph TR8
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Simplex - STD Nylon/Metal timing Set
STD spec timing chain assembly
Nylon/Alloy Camshaft Gear/Sprocket
Steel Cranshaft Sprocket
Chain Set
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Cloyes Duplex Timing Chain Set
Suit 351C, 351M & 400 1970-82
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SD1 Big Exhaust Valve 1.4"
Stainless Steel 214N Grade
Will fir STD heads without replacing valve seat
Suitable un-leaded fuel
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Modified "bulleted" Hi-Flow Valve Guides
Full set of modified Inlet valve guides as used in our stage 2 heads. Inlets feature bulleted style to maximise gas flow.

Valve guide tops shortened to permit ample full lift
clearance when using uprated camshafts.
Will also accept late hooded vavle seals.
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Rocker Shaft Springs
Replacement Rocker Shaft Spring Set
Fit between rocker arms
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Comp Cams HD Valve Spring Retainers
Heavy Duty Retainers for use with single or double valve springs.

Shown here with springs (not included)
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Rover V8 Double Valve Springs
Heavy duty double valve springs for use with Crane or CC Spring Retainers.

These are suitable for most applications but not for over 6500 rpm. For Race springs please contact.

For fitting of inner springs - the valve guide boss may require machining inorder to allow the inner spring to sit at......
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Edelbrock Elite Chevy V8 Rocker Covers for Rover Engines
These superb quality Edelbrock Polished Alloy Rocker Covers give that engine the "custom" look.

Price is per Pair

Requires Gaskets & Breathers

Rocker Cover Adapter Plates also available to suit Rover V8 Engines.
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